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The 1/4″ FNPT brass coupling is a vital plumbing component, ensuring secure connections between pipes with female threads. Trust 274 Propane in Miami, Florida, for quality fittings.



The 1/4″ FNPT (Female National Pipe Thread) brass coupling stands as an indispensable element within plumbing systems, meticulously designed to facilitate secure connections between two pipes boasting female threads. Crafted with utmost precision and durability, this coupling serves as the linchpin for ensuring a steadfast and leak-resistant joint, thereby upholding the integrity and functionality of the entire plumbing network. Its versatile design extends to accommodate an array of configurations, making it well-suited for the interconnection of pipes across residential, commercial, and industrial landscapes. With a commitment to adhering to stringent industry standards, the 1/4″ FNPT brass coupling from 274 Propane, headquartered in Miami, Florida, emerges as the epitome of reliability, offering a steadfast and effective solution for securely uniting pipes in diverse applications.


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